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Theatre and Performance Designer, Digital Designer, Artist, Nerd, and problem solver. Creating is in my blood. Now is a crucial time to choose a conscientious designer for your next project, and that could be me. Hi! I am Grace, 24 years old and from Stockport, though I now live in Warwick. 

In 2022 I graduated from The Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts Theatre and Performance Design course with a 2:1. I have faced the challenges COVID-19 threw at the education and performing arts sectors head-on. Now, I aim to help bring the incredible stories born from this time and prior – to life. 

I have since been Head of Wardrobe for the 4-star debut show, Lucika, at Edinburgh Fringe 2022. Costume Designer for Liverpool-based band Sourflake for their latest release ‘Corpse Reviver No 2’. And more exciting projects are lined up for later in 2023!

In my spare time, I am always trying to learn a new ways of making. Recently I have learned Kintsugi, and have taught myself plastic remoulding methods to turn non-recyclable household waste into jewellery. I am also an avid Dungeons & Dragons player, and gamer. I love going to punk and metal gigs, especially in Liverpool

Most of all, I love making and learning how to make! Making something is one of the most fulfilling feelings in life. It’s in my blood. I hope we can make something amazing together.

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