Logo Design

Logo design for Riot Grrl duo, Don’t Open Love Letters (2020), Post Punk band Sourflake (2022), and Fashion Blogger, That Green Thing (2022). All done using Procreate software. Fonts created by me and .ttf formatted.

Single Art

Additionally to designing their logo’s, I have worked with Don’t Open Love Letters, and Sourflake to develop single art to be advertise the release of their latest singles on social media and to go alongside their Spotify and /or Soundcloud uploads.

Don’t Open Love Letters wanted to create a cohesive Tarot card aesthetic to lead up to an album release. Unfortunately, they disbanded before this release.

Sourflake’s single Corpse Reviver No. 2 (based on the cocktail), is a reflection on the numbing effects of substance abuse creating a foolish cycle. Their brief was a sad clown. I was inspired by the 1920’s serving suggestions for the corpse reviver cocktail so used this as a basis for both content and colour palette. Their next single release will follow a similar colour palette and aesthetic. See Sourflake’s dedicated page for the costume design’s I created in line with this release for photoshoot and music video promotional material.

For The Love of Stuff: Digital

I was asked to create Slanderous logos and a propaganda design for the set and props of ‘For The Love of Stuff’ to highlight the big brand’s disregard for the planet. For this task I researched the planet’s top polluting brands and redesigned their icon logo’s to a satirical, pollution-and-pesticide-positive version. These were used to decorate character props and eco-brick structures on the set. The propaganda for the story’s plastic wasteland leader, Biggy P, was inspired by the show’s song ‘Plastic is Fantastic’. This was produced as a sticker to be worn by right-hand woman, Iona Lott. Other prop design included bottled and branded oxygen, pesticide used by Biggy P to destroy the dandelion seed, and cartoonish individual character props for Marsha Mellow, Joyless Desire and Bubble Wrap (see below).

As part of this project, Earth-Bound worked with Compassionate Kenilworth to run workshops for disadvantaged minority groups and children in various communities that encouraged them to think about what was truly important to them, their community, and the planet with the aim to produce a diverse collection of banners and upcycled ornaments to decorate the set with post-show and form an art exhibition. 

I digitally hand drew DIY instructions for how to create flower decorations from old t-shirts, avoiding using too much English to make them more accessible to non-English speakers.

Dungeons & Dragons Character Portraits

Using my over 5 year experience playing Dungeons & Dragons 5E, I have started a custom commission service where a client can simply send me their character sheet and any extra details they may want to add and I will create a full custom portrait. Sometimes, the character sheet isn’t necessary, just a rough description will do! I have also branched out into other game systems such as Warhammer 40k. All created using Procreate.

If you know any nerds who would like custom D&D character portraits for a reasonable price, email me or message me directly though Instagram!

Light Night 2021

Lighting Designer, Jess Brigham, commissioned these images for two separate events; the Liverpool Light Night, and an independent lighting installation in Hull. Her Arcade theme installations were showcased at The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts and 'Tessies' on Humber Street. These images were used in her pitches and as promotional material.
Click on the image (left) to find out more from the @fruitmarkethull Instagram.

Tickets for Be At One Masterclass

Cocktail Masterclass at Be At One Liverpool promotional material using stock imagery provided by Stonegate. Created using Adobe Photoshop.

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