Everyman: Set

Sustainable Set designed to be stored and reused for multiple shows taking place at The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts despite limited storage space. The modular system was designed to create ambiguous location changes throughout the play, as described by the footnote at the start of the text. The entirely meshed boxes are all designed to take weight to give actors the freedom to explore traversal of the space. The ladders were sourced from the LIPA Technical department.

The Trash Storm may be one section of this play, but from ideas presented during reheasral and development it was decided pollution and waste should be an ever-present idea throughout the show. This conceptualised the waste inside the box structures. During the physical Trash Storm scene the fronts were ripped from the two larges boxes and trash was animalistic dragged and thrown out, littering the stage. All waste inside the boxes was sourced from the cast members during the rehearsal period and from local large supermarket chains such as Tesco. Fairy Lights were also concealed inside to be used during the finale scene to emphasise the joy of “Christmas!”

Stained Glass Windows made using gel off-cuts and discoloured remnants laminated into panels to create the scene of Everyman’s gravesite; featuring sunset, green hills, and falling blossom. I kept an angular, abstract design to be cohesive with the language of the set. During the performance, until their reveal, they were covered with blackout fabric left over from a previous show which was painted to match the walls. The afternoon shows highlighted these windows best due to the natural light spilling through. For the evening shows we had a lighting rig on scaffold outside which allowed us to experiment with colour through the final scenes.


If you would like to view the whole project or just the costume, click below!

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