For The Love Of Stuff

  • Directed and Choregraphed by Sioda Adams
  • Executive Production Management by Amy Dalton
  • Assistant Production Management by Katie Holtom
  • Set Design by Tom Cleaver
  • Assistant Set / Prop Design Design and Making by me
  • Prop Design and Making by Charlotte Jarvis
  • Costume Design by Fiona Shivers
  • Costume Design and Making by Kelly Jago
  • Assistant Costume Design and Making by me
  • Lighting Design by Arnim Friess
  • Animation and Digital Work by Lea Dekany
  • Costume, Set, and Technical Support by me
Currently touring by Earth-Bound production company, premiering at Art in the Park – Leamington Spa. Further 2023 dates at Thrift Festival in Barnsley.


As my first professional role, this project has broadened my knowledge of outdoor touring theatre requirements and tested my adaptability throughout the rehearsal process. Originally, I was employed to design one costume of the ensemble (Biggy P), make three ensemble costumes (Biggy P, Marsha Mellow, and Iona Lott), and source base costumes for all six cast members. Throughout my time with Earth-Bound I have aimed to go above and beyond by volunteering myself for more costume sourcing and designing with sustainably sourced materials, being responsible for the costume budgeting, and designing and making props and smaller set pieces, to enhance and connect the designs and builds of the lead designers. I have also assisted with constructing staging, leasing with the lighting designer, collecting and returning set and costume to storage, and have taken on Dresser and Crew member roles on performance dates.

(From Left to Right: Marsha Mellow, Iona Lott, Biggy P, Mother Earth, Bubble Wrap, The Voice of Mother Earth, and Joyless Desire)
Plastic Fantastic - Marsha Mellow
Plastic Fantastics - Bubble Wrap and Joyless Desire
Plastic Fantastic - Iona Lott
Biggy P (I Am The Money)
Biggy P

As part of this project, Earth-Bound worked with Compassionate Kenilworth to run workshops for disadvantaged minority groups and children in various communities that encouraged them to think about what was truly important to them, their community, and the planet with the aim to produce a diverse collection of banners and upcycled ornaments to decorate the set with post-show and form an art exhibition. 

I digitally hand drew DIY instructions for how to create flower decorations from old t-shirts, avoiding using too much English to make them more accessible to non-English speakers.

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